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  • General Questions
  • Most basic class related questions are answered on our "contact us" page 

  • Why should my dog learn to obey off-leash if I live in the city?

If your dog is not obedient without a leash, there is one command he will never reliably obey--Come! Even in your backyard, you need your dog to come when called. Country walks, camping, or romps in the park are pretty bleak to a dog that must be forever leashed.

  • Does Scotch Pines train for the show ring?

A dog who has been through our course can certainly compete well in the obedience ring, but our focus is on a greater level of obedience that a rote routine in an artificial environment. We gear our training toward real life obedience.

  • Is this method right for all dogs?

Thousands of dogs of all breeds and temperaments have successfully and happily graduated from our course over the last twenty years! Why not your dog?

  • Why are the classes so big? Will I get personal attention?

Dogs trained in a quiet, calm setting only obey in quiet, calm settings--- not in the hustle and bustle of real life. Thirty to forty other dogs provides a wonderful distraction, along with the goat, chicken, rabbit and numerous other distractions we bring into class. As for personal attention, we have found that people paying triple for our private lessons never do as well as people in a class setting.

  • Will we be using food treats?

No. Food treats are great for getting dogs to do tricks, run agility courses, and look good in the show ring. Food training is worthless in producing an off-leash dog in real life distractions. Guide dogs, police dogs, search and rescue dogs-- all dogs who must have serious obedience are not food trained. We'll be using praise and corrections.

       Is it important for me to attend each of the 9 weekly classes?


Yes! Every single class is extremly important and missing even one can have very negative effects on your overall training.


     Does Scotch Pines Offer boarding?


 No, we do not offer any boarding or board and train at this time. We are in NO WAY affiliated with Scotch Pines Doggy Camp. Please contact your veterinarian's office for recommendations on a good boarding facility for your dog.

       What minimum age do you require for dogs?

6 months

      Age requirement of handler

12 years old minimum

     Who can attend

all well behaved family members

     Cost of class


      Does Scotch Pines offer Discounts?

Yes, we offer a10% discount for all multiple same household dogs and for all past clients with their new dog!

       Do you accept payments?

Occasionally, although only by special permission with 1/2 paid on week one of class, the remaining 1/2 paid by week 3

      What is the duration of class?

We meet one day per week for 9 weeks, each class is 2 hours long

     When are the next available starting dates?

Current starting dates are listed on our registration form page


     What time of day are classes usually held?

7-9 pm Winter classes 6-8 pm Spring and Summer classes although times may vary throughout year

      What is your location for your classes?

Meridian and Nampa- Specific location sent to registrants ONLY

     What towns  do you offer classes?

Nampa and Meridian-- only

      Do you accept Bully Breeds? 

  Yes we accept all breeds of dogs!

     Do you allow unaltered dogs in class? (Not spayed/neutered dogs)

Yes we do.

     What services do you offer?

group classes and private training. No board and train offered



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