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Local Dog Parks for Off-Leash Play!

Some of Boise's parks will be used as a pilot program for dogs off-leash beginning April 11, 2011.
  Following is a list of the parks and the off-leash hours:

Castle Hills Park - sunrise -10 AM and 4 PM - sunset

Cypress Park - sunrise -10 AM and 4 PM - sunset

Manitou Park - sunrise -10 AM and 4 PM - sunset

Redwood Park - sunrise -10 AM and 4 PM - sunset

Sunset Park - sunrise - 10 AM

Hillside Park (horse arena only) - 4 PM - sunset

Winstead Park - sunrise - 8 AM 365 days a year and 3 PM - sunset November 1 - February 1


For further information and maps of dog off-leash areas please visit



Nampa boasts one of the largest enclosed dog parks in the state-- Six and a half acres of non-stop fun!

 The Nampa dog park is located on the intersection of 2nd Street South and East Amity near the Kings Road Overpass.
2900 2nd Street South

Meridian's dog park is just shy of an acre, fully fenced with some amenities. It is located at 1401 E Watertower (adjacent to Meridian Police Department)

 This park is also used occasionally for canine police training so please check available times.

Socialization is something that is taught in every puppy class, every dog book and by every vet.

Socialization begins early but should not be just for puppies. A puppy needs structured socialization beginning from 8 weeks. As dogs grow older however, we begin to forget how important that interaction with other dogs is.
 We set up play dates for our children and encourage their little friendships, why not do the same for our dogs!

 The majority of aggression that is seen in dogs can be traced back to a lack of proper socialization both as a puppy and as an older dog. So often fear of the unknown (other dogs) begets aggression. This can be curbed and often prevented just by socialization alone.
 Dogs that are getting the proper exercise are also happier dogs! Less likely to dig, chew and bark!

 These dog parks are all for your convenience, please take advantage of them and be a responsible pet owner! Do not bring a dog in heat or an intact male to the dog park. Be cautious bringing small children. Remember these parks are for dogs, not designed for children who may get knocked down by playing dogs! Be aware your dog is a dog and this is his play time!


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